Lighting Solutions for Every Room of the House

Lighting Solutions
                                          Lighting Solutions

Modern lighting solution that you can choose depending on the needs and various settings of the rooms in your home. Every time and over the years new designs, great fittings and energy saving lighting solution have been in trend for over the last few years, sometimes the choices are so much that it can be difficult to choose the best fit for a room.

Home lighting solutions have gone far and beyond that, the main serving is the functional purpose of providing illumination and lighting. There are various styles of lighting, the colour of light and what specific shades of colour can help to set the tone in space has become an integral part of home décor and design.

It plays a crucial role in setting up the right aspect of decorating your home just the right way. Here are a few pointers to choose the right light fittings for different parts of the home, overall the regular tube lights, bulbs and fittings.

Lighting Ideas for Living Room


A chandelier is the main and the central part of your living room which spread light evenly through the hall with shadows from the corners. Chandeliers not only are good light fitting but also are a fabulous home decoration unit. Many different types of chandelier are found in the market, Metal chandelier creates great visual interest and the classic crystal adds elegance to space. There is the option of using dimmer switches in the chandeliers which provide the next levels of lights.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting is the best solution for living room allowing a part of the room to lit up at a given time. This kind of lighting mainly uses fluorescent, incandescent and halogen bulbs for the purpose of illumination. Use of dimmers to decrease or increase the brightness of the light in a particular part of the living room can change the mood of the entire room in just one touch.

Fan Lights

Fan lights are attached to ceiling fans and are a great home lighting solution for the living room which beautifully illuminates the area right around and below the fan. Make sure to use types of bulbs designed for the purpose which can resist the vibrations caused by any ceiling fans which cannot be done by regular bulbs and might fail completely.

Floor Lamps and Lighting

Floor lamps can provide concentrated lights in a particular part of the living room. Floor lamps are a great solution and provide the best effect. The floor lamps come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the choice one can make a match of the decor of the living room. There are many unique shapes and vintage style design available which can transform the living room from everyday life to something which looks extraordinary with burning down the pocket.

Ideas for Kitchen Lighting

Under Cabinet Lights

Putting up lights or LED below the kitchen cabinet is the best practise and smart way of lighting kitchen. The kind of LED home lighting glows up the kitchen countertops and the space below the cabinets allows the focus to be on the task and give a very clear vision. Practically making the kitchen look more beautiful than before.


Skylights are the best possible solution to light up small kitchen space. Making use of natural light and letting the outdoor light to complement your kitchen decor is a great solution and energy saving task.

Hanging Lights

Hanging or pendant lights fittings which are suspended from the ceiling are the best and great lighting solution for any kitchen. They provide a perfect task lighting which can light up any particular area of the kitchen which has the most action going around. Pendant lights come in various shapes and sizes which look unique. Adding a couple of these lights to your kitchen can act as a style feature. Some of the hanging lights come with adjustable cables that can be used to decrease or increase the level depending on the needs.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

If you love to read books in bed till you drop off to sleep then you must definitely get bedside lamp. These could be anything from a floor lamp to any wall-mounted one or table lamp which can be placed on the small bedside table. Use of dimmer can help in reducing the level of brightness of these lamps depending on the needs and mood.


Like ceiling fixtures, sconces don’t should be confined just to living rooms, yet they can help improve your room too. The key here lies in picking the correct size and state of sconces, which will supplement the stylistic layout of your room.


Who says chandeliers are just too live rooms and dining spaces? You could add this light fitting to your room as well, and acquire a ton of show to space!

It would be an incredible plan to introduce a dimmer change to a ceiling fixture in your room, with the goal that you can control the brilliance of the light according to your inclinations.

Bathroom Light Effects

Mirror Lights

Mirrors reflect light and make your space look greater and more brilliant. Include lighting above or either side of your sink mirror and watch how the whole disposition of the space changes in no time flat!

French Windows

There is nothing very like wide windows to add appeal and sentiment to a washroom! On the off chance that conceivable, do introduce floor-to-roof translucent glass French windows in your washroom, and watch the regular light surge in and work ponders on your restroom!

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