Pendant Lighting variety for your Kitchen


The kitchen lighting can be the main attraction of the kitchen; it is an important fixture to help with everyday tasks and needs. To help in narrowing down your choice from an infinite range of beautiful options, here is a guide to choose from the type and style of the pendant that suits needs and tastes. Lumiere provides a great variety of lighting fixtures; we are the top decorative lights stores in Pune.

How to get the Pendant Light Right

Pendant lights come in many forms and different styles which achieve some kind of similar effects. Considering what functional type of lighting you want to have, rather than the type or style of fixture you desire to have fitted in the home. Lighting comes in different forms and all can apply to your kitchen: Task, Accent, Ambient and Decorative.

The type of illumination you need from pendant light depends on what types of lighting are available in your kitchen. A space with large windows may not need much light during the day but may need task lighting for chopping counter. A kitchen that has many pot lights in the ceiling just need very little decorative sparkle. Pendant light can help in filling the gaps.


General lighting that illuminates the whole room or area, rather than one targeted spot is called ambient lighting. If you want your pendants to keep the whole room brightens. A large pendant light with single bulb won’t make much difference but a tiny fixture with the same bulb can really light up and spread across the area, fixtures with multiple bulbs can even glow.

Task lights

This lighting illuminates a targeted area to help see things clearly while working around. If you want your pendants to help glow up kitchen tasks like chopping, you will want to a fixture that aims the light downward. The open-bottom fixtures paired with powerful bulbs can turn to be a harsh spotlight. If you have installed any fixture like that consider using a lower output bulb or install a dimmer to allow moodier lighting when work gets over.


Accent lighting highlights the design feature. Typically, pendant lighting is not used as a targeted accent light. If you have a beautiful wood or stone countertop, a wash of light will help in getting multiple tones of the material. Pinpoint lights can help in bringing out the sparkle in stone or polished metals.


This is a type of decorative feature which is either the fixture itself, the shadow or sparkle it produces or does both. If you have a good amount of task lights and ambient lights in a room, choose pendants that glow softly and make a big impression without any casting targeted light.

What is right Height?

There are two ways to deal with figuring out what height to put your lights, and they again depend on the essential functional job of your pendants.

Task lights intended to obviously enlighten the island will lose brightness whenever put excessively high, so these are normally balanced 30 to 36 inches over the counter. This can put them to some degree in the line of vision, so individuals regularly pick thin apparatuses that don’t encroach upon discussion.

If bright bulbs are kept on the higher side, it may be able to cover a larger portion. In the event that you need your lights higher, utilize a long, limited shade opening that won’t expose the bulb from the same number of angles, or supplement the task lighting with different sources.

Decorative statement apparatuses can be hung higher to sit over the sightlines and be less visually nosy, despite the fact that it’s as yet vital to drape them sufficiently far beneath the roof to look exquisite.

Making a decision about this tallness can be trickier, as every circumstance will fluctuate. Notwithstanding, when in doubt, a light should hang no less than 12 to 18 crawls underneath the roof plane for an average 8-foot roof. In taller rooms, you should include 3 inches or more for each foot so the light doesn’t resemble it’s unnaturally embracing the ceiling.

For fixtures where a decorative chain is a piece of the look, hanging it lower will uncover a greater amount of the chain, so you can drape it as low as assignment light stature, or someplace in the middle. Remember that numerous pendants have a huge least separation they should hang, and some have no range at all and can just hang at one set separation. So it’s best to check before you purchase.

Pendant Lighting can change the overall look and feel of the kitchen. There are a variety of pendant lightings available, depending on the choice and interior of residential and commercial places, pendant lights can be used. Lumiere provides a one-stop solution to all type of lightings. Lumiere is the Best Lighting Stores in Pune with lighting fixtures for every needs and room.

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