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LED Lighting
LED Lighting

LEDs have changed the conventional lighting marketplace for many different reasons. The main reason could be extended lifespan, reduced energy consumption and very low maintenance. In a few years, it is estimated that the LED lighting could save about 190 terawatt-hours of electricity per year which could round to some billion of a dollar. As the prices of lamps and fixtures are going on falling, more and more people are looking to upgrade their lighting systems with LEDs which give many benefits compared to other traditional technologies.

Which Light Bulbs can prove to be more efficient?

There are two sorts of vitality effective lights accessible available today: compact fluorescent lights (CFL) and light – emitting diode (LED).

CFLs are an all the more ground-breaking, light form of the well-known fluorescents light strips. They screw into your standard light attachments, arrive in a scope of shapes and sizes, and emit a comparable lighting impact to normal glowing globules.

LEDs are smaller than expected globules controlled by the development of electrons. This trend-setting innovation replaces the filament inside a standard glowing knob – which clarifies why LEDs last more and are less bulky.

What are the main benefits of Eco-Friendly Lighting?

Both the lights CFL and LED light bulbs to need less energy to run than the regular incandescent bulbs. Here is a quick look at how energy-efficient lighting saves money over a long time and also the planet to some extent.


CFLs are four times more efficient than the regular incandescent bulb and can last up to 10,000 hours. This overall average is 10 times more than any incandescent light. LED bulbs have a better efficiency marks. These bulbs can last up to 100,000 hours which means even if you leave them for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for more than 11 years. Using LEDs can reduce the overall electricity bill to 90%.

Lower Greenhouse Emissions

Every bulb has been replaced with energy-efficient light bulb will reduce CO2 emissions by a half ton. If everyone would switch to LED lights it would really make a difference and save the world.

Electricity Savings

The cost of energy efficient light bulbs cost more than incandescent bulbs, they offer much savings over a lifetime and utilize less energy and last very long.


The are many types of LEDs available in the market today. These Energy-efficient light bulbs can be used to replace all the bulbs which suit every need. There are CFLs that work with 3-way lamps and dimmer switches.


LED light bulbs are more efficient and strong than filament bulbs. They are strong to even resist minor falls. Filament bulbs need to be handled with care even a very small impact can prove to be fatal for these bulbs.

LED lights are small and useful

The LED lights and devices are small. These devices are small and fit well in every part of the design elements. The size of LED makes them adaptable to fit in all major and infinite number of lighting applications. The use of LEDs has a wide spectrum and can be used in every place. They can be used in residential and commercial property applications.

Instant power and light

LEDs and CFLs give out maximum light as soon as they are switched on. LEDs give almost 100% light as soon as they are switched on compared to other fluorescent and HID lamps.

Drawbacks to energy efficient lighting?

CFLs and LEDs both are excellent sources of energy but are not very perfect. There are some limitations which need to be considered before replacing all the bulbs with CFLs.

Dimmers and Timers

Regular CFLs are not compatible with the dimmer switch they produce low quality and emit an irritating buzz. You can consider purchasing dimmable CFLs, they can be costly than the regular CFLs. But all the CFLs are not compatible with a time and using something which does not go well with the bulb can reduce the overall life.

We have listed a few limitations which should be considered before replacing all incandescent bulbs with CFLs

Extreme temperatures and humidity can reduce the light effects and overall life of the bulbs. You might need to check the compatibility of the bulbs with indoor and outdoor conditions. Many of these CFLs bulbs produce harsh and cold lighting effect which is not been preferred by many. Also frequent on/off cycling can reduce the CFL’s rated lifetime. Avoid putting CFLs in closets and other places if you need light for a few months.


CFLs have a little amount of mercury which can prove to be dangerous for children. Despite the small amount, the CFLs can prove to be dangerous. Good and safe cleanup and recycling products time to time can maximize the green benefits of CFLs.

How to choose the right Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

CFLs and LEDs come in many different shapes and size. These things can be considered while purchasing these products:


The amount of light generated by the bulbs is decided by Lumens and not watts. Make sure you match the numbers of CFL and LED bulbs to have the same lighting effects even after replacement.


To accomplish a warmer, brilliant like light, pick a CFL checked warm white. For LEDs, which additionally arrive in an assortment of hues, white delivers delicate light without glare. Blue, in any case, is the favoured decision for perusing lights, since it causes less eye fatigue than different hues. Also, Amber is the ideal decision for outside lighting, since it doesn’t draw in creepy crawlies.


White Spiral CFLs are more like standard incandescent bulbs which can be considered. Triple tube CFLs have a higher light output in a more condensed space which makes a perfect bulb for reading and other purposes. Despite multiple issues, both the LEDs and CFLs are far more eco-friendly than the incandescent lights. Energy efficient light bulbs are a great way to put more efficiency and reduce the bill amount.

These are some of the benefits of LEDs and CFLs which can prove be the best and can be used in every part of the application. Lumiere provides the best lighting solution for every need to be in commercial or Residential. Lumiere is the best lighting stores in Pune providing a range of products. We recognised as the best decorative lights stores in Pune.

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